Dirt Face

by Mariah Welch

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released May 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Mariah Welch Oakland, California

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Track Name: Loops
i tried to call you again
but i don't hear from you as much as i'd like to anymore
you asked me to go
on a friday
but i was busy
i felt so busy
i thought so busy
i was busy
in the city i was busy in the city
it was dark out all day
and i didn't see that movie
Track Name: Slumber Queen
you smoked another cigarette
on the back porch
i was sleeping
in your bed
you had no blanket on your bed
i watched you wake up
from the storm
you were boring
you were boring
you were so boring
told me i was snoring
and i was sleeping i didn't hear anything
yeah i was sleeping i didn't hear anything
except for yelling
i heard you yelling
i heard you yelling
at the dog
i heard you yelling
it wasn't mellowing
i woke up
you made me wake up
from a slumber
Track Name: Starshine
yesterday you drove out
of the water
you fell out on the water
your name was autumn
your name was summer
your name was autumn
Track Name: Creepes
got lost in new jersey
woke up in albuquerque
the scrape on my leg hurt me
the farm overworked me
the family went outside
i went with them to pass the time
the planet was small
very small
so small we saw it all