by Mariah Welch

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released November 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Mariah Welch Oakland, California

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Track Name: spit it out
i see you up against the wall yr skins about to crawl i see you catch the ball and i see you fall to your knees you take it out of me i can't even see right in front of me it's unaffordable to live i can't even give my hundred percent can't even make a dent in this shit can't make a run for it can't even spit it out the taste of your name in my mouth
Track Name: think about it daily
i can't walk i can't talk i can't breathe i can barely leave my house when i go out i don't shout i'm a ghost on every coast now there's a hole in me no one ever sees it's so empty baby i don't feel right since you took a bite out of me baby touch me softly think of me longingly i'm so worn out lately since you last saw me its been haunting me i think about it daily
Track Name: crystal ball
when i got my crystal ball i looked inside guess what i saw i saw my mind filling up with water like a glass bowl boiling over hotter falling to the floor baby what's this all about i don't know how to use my mouth no words come out i'm living in a golden cloud and i'm falling through the fold and feeling the cold i can't help what i know it makes me whole
Track Name: the right way
deep inside of me i know i'm not just a body open up to me show me your qualities lying on the ground i can feel the sound of water all around i'm the shell in the magic spell when i'm with you i feel a blue hue it's dark in the room but light still leaks through my eyes are closed i'm in the right pose for you to say live the right way
Track Name: blue pearl
when i'm with you driving fast you smile at last baby what do you see is it the blue pearl i feel it around me i'm lost in the swirl you're far away from me now i don't know how you slipped right through my fingers and leaked through the cracks now you're the water drippin on my back i watch the grass grow i watch the paint dry i watch the world spin
Track Name: earth child
i'm on a rock with ticking clocks instead of people and they walk really fast and they talk really loud it's so odd but it's the place i call home i've been to many towns i've travelled this whole world around i've kept my ear to the ground but there's no better place i've found than the place i call home
Track Name: glue
saw you at the mall with yr headphones on watched you call from your cell phone i go home spend the night alone call you all i get's a dial tone all i want all i need is you baby take me away back to those summer nights or memories froze in ice stone archway i walk through lead me somewhere new all i want all i need is you take me away to another world with you with this one i am through but i'm stuck like glue
Track Name: what's the deal
can't tell if it's easy or it's hard i'm always playing the wrong card don't worry baby it's alright it's just a game not real life i'm crawling through the maze and falling through trap doors reflected in two mirrors in the house of terrors i'm in a pit of snakes and sliding down wet tongues i can't see any farther in the house of horror when i thought of you i lost my mind now it's floating somewhere in space and in time when i finally saw you it was so unreal baby what's the deal
Track Name: open book
though i am an open book you won't even take one look you won't even flip my page i've been lying here for days and it's so messed up i feel like i'm in a rut i feel like i'm in the hole of a torn out stump take me to the grass green park illuminate me in the dark place my body in your lap i'll soothe you when you're feeling sad and oh how i want you to hold me even if you gently stroke me even when you're walking past me when i hear your name in passing i'm so torn up it puts my throat in a lump it makes my mind rush